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Laser Hawkeye metal detector LASER HAWKEYE METAL DETECTOR WITH NEW 11x8 Coil

Laser Hawkeye Metal Detector with New 11x8 Coil.

Our Price: £520.00 (433.33 exc VAT)
Laser Trident II metal detector LASER TRIDENT II METAL DETECTOR

The Trident II has the reputation for being light, simple to use and very powerful. Now the SI model takes the concept a stage further. The frequency has been boosted to 18.5KHz for much improved sensitivity on small targets in the trashiest sites.

Our Price: £490.00 (408.33 exc VAT)
Laser Rapier II metal detector LASER RAPIER II METAL DETECTOR

Laser Rapier II metal detector

Our Price: £410.00 (341.67 exc VAT)
Laser Trident 1 Metal Detector LASER TRIDENT 1 METAL DETECTOR

The Trident 1 is designed for the Detectorist who prefers simplicity when it comes to controls. The Trident 1 operates at 14.3kHz frequency and is housed in the micro max control box.

Our Price: £399.00 (332.50 exc VAT)
laser thames scout plus metal detector LASER SCOUT PLUS METAL DETECTOR

The laser Scout Plus is based on the original Silver Sabre circuit. This design was renowned for it's ability to winkle out good targets such as small roman and hammered silver coins.

Our Price: £299.00 (249.17 exc VAT)