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Laser Hawkeye metal detector LASER HAWKEYE METAL DETECTOR WITH NEW 11x8 Coil
Our Price: 520.00 (433.33 exc VAT)
Laser Trident II metal detector LASER TRIDENT II METAL DETECTOR
Our Price: 490.00 (408.33 exc VAT)
Laser Rapier II metal detector LASER RAPIER II METAL DETECTOR
Our Price: 410.00 (341.67 exc VAT)
Laser Trident 1 Metal Detector LASER TRIDENT 1 METAL DETECTOR
Our Price: 399.00 (332.50 exc VAT)
laser thames scout plus metal detector LASER SCOUT PLUS METAL DETECTOR
Our Price: 299.00 (249.17 exc VAT)
Laser 9 x 8" web coil LASER 9 X 8" WEB COIL
Our Price: £145.00 (£120.83 exc VAT)
Sale price: 125.00 (104.17 exc VAT)
Laser 8" Micromax Polo coil LASER 8" MICROMAX POLO COIL
Our Price: 125.00 (104.17 exc VAT)
Laser 8 inch polo coil LASER 8" HAWKEYE POLO COIL
Our Price: 108.96 (90.80 exc VAT)
laser 9x8" coil cover LASER 9X8" COIL COVER
Our Price: 14.00 (11.67 exc VAT)