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The Bredon Hill Roman Coin Hoard is a hoard of 3,784 silver Roman coins found by Jethro Carpenter on farmland at Bredon Hill in Worcestershire June 2011.

The coins were found in a clay pot that had been buried around the middle of the century amongst the remains of a Roman villa, identified by the subsequent archaeological excavation.

The coins include the reigns of sixteen different emperors during the mid to late 3rd century, and are the largest hoard of Roman coins to have been discovered in Worcestershire to date.

The Bredon Hill Hoard was found with a Fisher F75 Special Edition Metal detector.

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The Frome Hoard is a Hoard of 52,503 Roman coins found in April 2010 by Dave Crisp near Frome in Somerset.

The coins were contained in a ceramic pot 45cm in diameter, and date from AD 253 to 305. Most of the coins are made from debased silver or bronze.

The hoard is one of the largest ever found in Britain, and is also important as it contains the largest group ever found of coins issued during the reign of Carausius, who ruled Britain independently from 286 to 293 and was the first Roman emperor to strike coins in Britain.

The Museum of Somerset in Taunton, using a grant from the Nation Heritage Memorial Fund, has acquired the hoard officially valued at £320,250.

The Frome Hoard was found with a Minelab Explorer Metal Detector.

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My half guinea found at an MLO Rally (Corfe), with help from my Minelab SE Pro, Grey Ghost headphones and the 18x15" SEF coil all supplied by yourselves!! :-)

"Cheers Mike (offa)."

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Hi, I hate to go on about it but, I brought this Fisher F2 from you last week for my daughter.

I was really impressed with its capability's so I couldn't wait to try it myself, well today the kids had driven me mad so I went to my local beach for a couple of hours detecting on my own.

its great hunting the trashy areas because the signal separation & its identification is so good.

Well after about an hour I noticed this woman & little girl walking towards me so I was expecting the usual questions, after she said hello she told me that that afternoon she was on the beach with her family & her brother had gone into the water at high tide & lost his wedding ring so would I mind having a look for it for her, I gladly obliged, she showed me roughly where it was lost & within about 15 mins I had got one signal which was on a shingle bank descending to a lower level of the beach.

I carefully moved the shingle away to find the ring about 6 8 inches down when I showed her & asked is this it she was so happy she burst into tears & told me that his wife had given it to him & now she was dying from cancer, she offered me a reward but I told her that my pleasure was being able to find it for her.

So really I want to say again what a fantastic detector this is & thanks again.

"Regards, Jeff Elmes"

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Since upgrading to a Minelab X-Terra 505 and a couple of coils from Joan Allen I've been working on a field in a local Warwickshire village.

Nothing earth shattering but I've had many finds including an 1817 sixpence that was made into a love token, a 1917 florin in brilliant condition, a large complete lead pot mend that could date back at least 1500 years, some medieval buckles & horseshoes, a lovely lead pilgrim's ampulla, a 1930's unengraved sterling silver medal and over 40 English coins dating from 1806 to 1960.

After some research it has now been found that the top part of the field was used by the local village cricket team from the turn of the last century til the 1950's.

I'm thoroughly impressed with the 505 which is performing brilliantly & the farmer gets as much of a buzz as I do when I find items!!

"Cheers Philthy Phil Chapman"

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A third field tried out today & a third hammered on the trot... The Minelab X-Terra 505 strikes silver yet again!

This time an Edward I penny (1279-1307) obverse Minted in London, my fourth hammered silver coin and all since the first of September...

If my smile gets any wider I think my head will be in danger of falling off! :-D

" Cheers Philthy Phil Chapman"