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General setup guide for metal detecting in the UK

Less is more when it comes to adjusting some of your metal detectors settings.

Discrimination: Should be set to no higher than iron nails.

Any higher and you will start to loose good small, non ferrous targets. If you are digging silver foil and the odd large or irregular shaped bit of iron then your discrimination is set about right. Some machines you can run in all metal and use the audio for discrimination, with iron giving a low pitch and non ferrous giving a higher pitch. If your machine has this ability then you should use it.

If you have an Etrac or Explorer then the optimum way of running them is with conductive sounds and smooth audio selected as it will give the greatest target annunciation/depth, providing your ears can put up with the constant sounds.

Notch: If your machine has it, never use it in the UK.

Ground Balance: If your machine has the ability to ground balance this should be performed every 10 to 15 minutes to ensure maximum depth/sensitivity.

Some machines have an auto ground balance feature and will compensate for ground conditions automatically and will therefore not have any controls to manually set ground balance.

Sensitivity: Should be set as high as possible while remaining stable. i.e not sounding off erratically.

The only time you might want to reduce the sensitivity is amongst iron, when you have already swept the area using high sensitivity, then reduce it right down to around about 10% of itís full on value and sweep the same area again. The reason for this is that some deep large pieces of iron can mask smaller closer to the surface non ferrous targets. By reducing the sensitivity, the larger deeper iron is not seen by the detector allowing it to pick up the small non ferrous targets previously masked.

When sweeping the coil across the ground make sure youíre your sweep speed is at least 2.5 seconds and the coil is scuffing the surface.

If you go out once a week and your not replacing the coils scuff cover at least once a year you are NOT SWEEPING THE COIL LOW ENOUGH!!

Headphones: Always detect with headphones, they cut down on background sound and enable you to hear faint deep targets.