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Minelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector MINELAB GPZ 7000 METAL DETECTOR

Extreme depth & maximum sensitivity, the GPZ 7000 outperforms all gold detectors on the market.

Our Price: £8,499.00 (£7,082.50 exc VAT)
Sale price: £7,999.00 (6,665.83 exc VAT)
Minelab GPX5000 gold metal detector MINELAB GPX 5000 GOLD METAL DETECTOR PRO PACK

The GPX 5000 Gold Metal Detector sets the new benchmark in gold detecting technology. With an amazing range of features and functions.

Our Price: £4,599.00 (£3,832.50 exc VAT)
Sale price: £3,499.99 (2,916.66 exc VAT)
minelab sdc 2300 gold metal detector MINELAB SDC 2300 GOLD METAL DETECTOR

The SDC 2300 is compact, waterproof and built to perform in the toughest conditions.

Our Price: £3,199.00 (2,665.83 exc VAT)
Minelab GPX 4500 Gold Metal Detector MINELAB GPX 4500 GOLD METAL DETECTOR

The Minelab GPX-4500 has cutting edge gold finding technology offering features and performance levels that other manufacturers are yet to match.

Our Price: £3,500.00 (£2,916.67 exc VAT)
Sale price: £2,500.00 (2,083.33 exc VAT)
Minelab CTX 3030 Super Value Pack Metal Detector MINELAB CTX 3030 METAL DETECTOR (SUPER VALUE PACK)

Inc Minelab 17x13" Coil,
& Shallow Water DVD.
Latest Version with Upgrades

Our Price: £1,999.00 (£1,665.83 exc VAT)
Sale price: £1,789.00 (1,490.83 exc VAT)
whites pulse scan tdi sl metal detector WHITES TDI SL METAL DETECTOR

To hunt all day, you need a lightweight detector that still provides high performance.

Our Price: £995.00 (829.17 exc VAT)
Nokta Impact Metal Detector Nokta Impact Metal Detector (Pro Pack)

Uncover deep hidden treasures with the new IMPACT Multi Frequency Metal Detector by Nokta!

Our Price: £949.00 (790.83 exc VAT)
Minelab Eureka Gold metal detector MINELAB EUREKA GOLD METAL DETECTOR

The Eureka Gold Metal Detector is one of the world’s most versatile gold nugget detectors. Operating with Minelab's exclusive triple frequency technology the Eureka Gold Metal Detector makes prospecting easier than ever before.

Our Price: £899.00 (749.17 exc VAT)
Nokta/Makro Anfibio Metal Detector Nokta Makro Anfibio

Our Price: £849.00 (707.50 exc VAT)
Minelab Gold Monster 1000 Metal Detector goldmonster MINELAB GOLD MONSTER 1000 METAL DETECTOR

The GOLD MONSTER 1000 turns beginners into experts with fully automatic operation in an easy-to-use, high performance detector.

Our Price: £819.00 (682.50 exc VAT)

The 71 kHz operating frequency gives increased sensitivity to smaller and deeper nuggets even in highly mineralized soil.

Our Price: £700.00 (583.33 exc VAT)
nokta fors gold+ metal detector NOKTA FORS GOLD+ METAL DETECTOR

The FORS Gold+ offers advanced gold prospecting capabilities. Operating at 19 kHz frequency.

Our Price: £749.00 (£624.17 exc VAT)
Sale price: £699.00 (582.50 exc VAT)
Minelab XTerra 705 Gold metal detector MINELAB X-TERRA 705 GOLD METAL DETECTOR

The ever popular X-TERRA 705 is now available in an all new Gold Pack configuration. The X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack comes with the 18.75kHz Double-D elliptical coil as standard.

Our Price: £599.00 (499.17 exc VAT)

Deep Penetrating Legendary "Gold Bug DP" with Advanced Technology. Extreme Ground/Target information. Standout multi purpose machine with excellent gold prospecting capabilities.

Our Price: £595.00 (495.83 exc VAT)
Teknetics Patriot Metal Detector Teknetics Patriot Metal Detector

Great wet sand machine, Lightweight, 40 hours battery life, very easy to use.

Our Price: £499.00 (£415.83 exc VAT)
Sale price: £479.99 (399.99 exc VAT)
coiltek 22" round elite dd gpx coil COILTEK 22" ROUND ELITE DD GPX COIL

22" Round DD Goldstalker for extreme depth and ground coverage

Our Price: £424.99 (354.16 exc VAT)
Minelab GPX 4800 Gold Metal Detector MINELAB GPX 4800 GOLD METAL DETECTOR

The GPX 4800 Gold Metal Detector, featuring Minelab's exclusive technologies builds on the strengths of its predecessor the GPX 4500 also offers some of the features found in the high performance GPX 5000 Gold Metal Detector.